Mad Hatter’s Emporium

Posted: 10th March 2024
Last year Yolande wanted to give her shop a whole new look. Luckily for her we could do just that.

When it comes to shop signage we have taken on a few fascia boards and shutters. For Mad Hatter’s Emporium we did everything with a bold new look. Firstly giving them a clean design that highlights the right information. Using rich colours from the RAL system for extra vibrancy.

Mad Hatter's Emporium. Design for fascia board

Using a deep, rich purple as the background colour enabled the other elements to shine. With contrasting yellow and complementary teal. Using a mixture of script and sans serif fonts for clarity and contrast. Next came the task of transferring this onto the shop itself. Starting by removing all the old vinyl lettering from the front to update everything to the new Mad Hatter’s Emporium name.

Giving every surface a clean and a sand made application a lot easier. From the woodwork to the metal shutter, everything was prepared. Giving every surface 3 coats of the rich purple to ensure an even finish. This took a while on the woodwork as there was a lot of detail. After the base colour was down next came the fascia board. Using a stencil film for accuracy meant the Mad Hatter’s Emporium logo was crisp.

Shutters can be tricky to paint with rounded edges and joins between each slat. The feather was easier to paint as it was smaller. However the hat required doodle grid to make sure it was in scale. Using pieces of tape as markers the original design was overlayed. Using the same vibrant tones as the fascia tied all elements together. The shop really does have impact on the high street. With woodwork to match the shutter and fascia.

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