Posted: 22nd August 2022



Artist Philip Cheater designed the logo and branding for Dewkes. Phil worked closely with the owners to work through concepts, colour schemes, brand identity and variations on the finished signage. 

Sticking to a branded colour scheme of a bright, eye-catching blue with contrasting navy and white to help the branding and logo stand out on a busy street. 


A variety of techniques including hand painting and vinyl stencil 

Using multiple techniques for different elements, we painted both interior and exterior pieces.

Both traditional pounce patterns and vinyl stencils were used to create beautiful, clean lines of both the text and logo paintings. Proper care was taken to ensure all pieces were lined up perfectly and sat central on the front signs and interior walls.

The clearly painted letters ensure an easy read for passing customers.

End results 

From concept to completion

The bright blue, signature Dewkes colour promises to catch the eyes of passing customers, making the shop easy to find. The branding and design is simple and easy to understand. It has been a pleasure working with Dewkes from the start of their business journey to their current standing. From concept and first designs to painting their first shop in Mumbles in 2020 and their second in Sketty in 2022! We’re so glad they’ve brought us along in building their fantastic business and we’re happy to see them grow!
To find out more about Dewkes, click here

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