Black Orchid Florist

Posted: 7th January 2023
Last year Sam from Black Orchid Florist came to us for a new sign. Wanting something unique and colourful to help her business stand out.

Phil worked with her through the entire process on this hand painted sign. From the initial design phase and consultation, through to hand painting the sign.

Originally a simple monochrome sign Sam was looking for a sign that matched her shop, incorporating neon and floral elements for a fresh new look.


After the design process, Phil measured up the front of the shop, and got the materials ready to start painting. At nearly 5 and half metres wide the sign needed to be prepared in 3 sections. Luckily at fresh we have a workshop that is perfect for offsite work. To ensure the sign would last it was undercoated on all sides before the design was applied.


Using high quality enamel sign paints, he began to paint in the background foliage. Using deep rich shades of green that would stand out against the pinks and blues in the lettering. This was a lengthy process, but as the leaves were photo realistic in style it needed to be done properly.

After all 3 panels had the background applied; it was time to draw on the lettering. As the client had requested a neon affect it required several layers of painting. Starting with a 2 colour blend of darker pinks, working through to a light pink and an off white for the neon tubing.

Using the same affect for the contact information at the bottom of the board. The final lettering contrasts against the deeper greens. It’s safe to say the new sign has a lot of impact.

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