Pizza Van

Posted: 1st March 2024

We love working with local businesses, and Gower Pizza came to us to give their van a new look

Starting with a blank canvas, or in this case pizza van is always satisfying. When Gower Pizza asked us to design and paint a sea themed mural we went all out for them. Working closely with them to get the design just right, matching colours from the logo with the mural.

The first port of call was to wrap everything not being painted, all the wheels, door handles and trim had to be protected. Using painting film to cover the rest of the van we cleaned and prepped the sides. This van may be small but it was getting big bold colours to make it stand out. Using rich tones of baby blue to ultramarine in the Molotow colour range.

Starting with the deeper shades at the back of the wave to the light aquamarine colours at the front. Giving it depth and range of tone. Using a mixture of soft caps and gentle fades to give a more natural look. With some shades blending into the white on the van.

The logo

The logo is crucial to any job. Using a stencil film we mirrored the logo on both sides. With all the finer details included. Matching the original colour for accuracy. After this is was just a case of measuring where it would sit on the van door. Sitting between the waves.

The Finished Van

With a few smaller details on the cab door, the van was complete. Looking bright and bold in the summer sun. The wave and logo matching on both sides. With all the other parts of the van cleaned and ready to go. If you like this project check out the Catering Pod and Shaky Mcshakeface vans as well.

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