Catering Pod

Posted: 1st March 2024
Looking to make an impact with a new business venture, Nicki and Kyle came to us to give their catering pod a complete overhall

At Fresh we like to take our collective skills and apply them to every possible project and surface. This was definitely the case for this catering pod. When we first received it, the original paintwork was looking tired and there were visible marks from old vinyl.

To give the whole catering pod a makeover, we cleaned, sanded and prepped every surface for a fresh new colour. After taping up all the doors, windows and external fittings a vivid raspberry colour was applied to the whole pod. Giving it several coats to ensure a strong finish.

Design and Application

The clients wanted to start with several key features on the catering pod that reflected their lifestyle. With quotes from The Beatles to match the name of the business. Next, working with a clean slab serif font Phil designed the back and front of the pod making use of all available space.

The colour scheme compliments the other visual elements on the catering pod. Bright, friendly and visually striking shaded of yellow and pink is the main palette. To finish the pod, we added a portrait of their dog at one end. Filling the other with flowers and butterflies. This is where the team worked together. While Phil applied the text, Alisha worked her magic to paint the dog and flowers.

Pod Painting and Final Result

Starting the painting meant getting the final look as close as possible to the design. The base colour was nice and even so the stencil gave a crisp finish. With a light pink fade around the word love to emphasise it. The most striking features of the catering pod has to be the hand painted dog portrait and stunning flowers.

We have done similar and equally stunning vans in the past. Including Gower Pizza, and The Aztec Van.

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