Aztec Van

Posted: 15th December 2022
At Fresh Creative any surface is a blank canvas to create something unique

As well as working for larger businesses and projects for councils we always welcome private commissions from clients.  This Aztec van was in particular let our skilled artist Robin create something from scratch that covered the whole van.

Making sure to mask off all windows, rims, grills and handles, he could begin the process. Laying down some strong shades of purple and blue to enhance the background. With some added detail to make it look like a night sky. Next came the task of drawing out the skull and headdress with chalk pens to double check the proportions and layout. With all designs we take time to get them right for the client, keeping them bold and fresh.

As will all our artists, Robin has years of experience using his chosen medium. As you can see from the detail in the headdress, there are layers of shading to add depth. The bright bold colours stand out against the background and the black outline helps to give it extra definition.

He also recreated the design on the other side of the van to mirror the original, showing even more of his skills. The added elements of Aztec temples really brings the whole van together, with just as much attention to detail as the main design.

As well as hand painting vehicles we can also provide vinyl elements. Take a look here.

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