Brynaman Lido Mural

Posted: 21st October 2022
This lovely piece was commissioned by Brynaman Lido as part of their project to refurbish and bring life back into the Brynaman Lido, built in the 1930’s!

Artist @ffionnolwenn worked with youths from the area at a spray painting workshop inspired by the lido. From this, they came up with various ideas which helped inspire the final brynaman lido mural. With a strong water theme it was a case of taking key elements for the final mural.

Working with her wide range of skills, she painted this one using a mixture of spray paint and hand painted elements to really add the finer details. From the diver bubbles to the whiskers on his face. The brilliant shades of blue and teal give real depth. The clever representation of bubbles takes it to another level.

Working with community groups on several projects allows the public to get involved. Like the Skate Park Mural we created a few years ago with an open day. At Fresh we like the community to feel involved. Whether its in the design process or the application of the paint.

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