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Fresh Creative Co. specialises in painting murals on any scale; from indoor decor to function rooms, building’s exterior, festivals and much more, we offer bespoke work that suits perfectly to both public and private spaces.

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Offering a range of hand painted signage for indoor decor to vinyl prints on vans and windows, our experienced team is more than capable of creating a finished product that matches your companies desired aesthetics.

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FCC. has over 10 years experience running graffiti workshops with primary schools, local communities and youth offender groups. Our workshops offer a different way of thinking for many children, as well as a different activity that they are sure to enjoy from start to finish.

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We provide a range of timely, high-quality and cost-effective printing and document services. We specialise in vinyl prints, t-shirts, stickers and much more. Please get in contact with us for advice on all of your printing needs including design and the finished product(s).

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Fresh Creative Co. has years of experience in design work and there are a number of services that we can offer, including: branding, Logos, menus, tattoos, etc

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4th April 2022
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Iconic murals on the Berlin Wall
22nd March 2022
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