Temple Bar Cardiff

Posted: 6th May 2023
How do you solve the issue of making new work look old? Keep reading to find out how.

After working on some other projects for the owners of Temple Bar Cardiff, team members Phil and Robin took on this challenge. Going for an aged theme with some of the signs meant working backwards. Bare brick was the main surface for the signs. The new paint meant the signs were too bold. This is where the aging process began.

First of all they marked out what was going where. Next, branding logos were created using a simple colour palette. Followed by unique signage for areas in the bar.

From the images above you can see the process in full. Applied using brushes to get into the mortar and gaps of the bricks was the start. The next day was working back into the design with wire brushes and sandpaper. An even but uneven finish was the final result. Making sure it looked aged all over. Also known as a ghost sign, read more about it here

It was a similar process with these branded signs. The texture of the brick was coarse and in places non existent. This meant dabbing paint into gaps and around areas to give the impression it used to be there. Being rough and ready is difficult when usual finishes are perfect.

But that’s not all

To add some extra colour and character Robin created a striking mural of the Guinness Toucan. Phil used a hand cut stencil to add some detail to some reclaimed barrels. Then to finish the signage they used paint techniques to age a Guinness sign.

Take a trip to Temple Bar Cardiff and see the work with a couple of drinks

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