Student Study Zone

Posted: 25th May 2023
Take a look at this colourful and striking transformation for The College at Swansea Uni.

Its always exciting when a client asks us to create something from scratch. From the designs to the final mural. The student study zone needed a complete transformation to advertise it was there. The large atrium was a stark space with off white walls and neon lighting. The original signage was small and easily lost in such a big space.

Designer and artist Phil took time to visit the space and talk with staff to see how they wanted to approach the project. With the arches in the atrium being the only desired feature, he was able to create something completely unique. With two entrances needing signage the emphasis was on colour and pattern.

Approach and Preparation

To make a feature of the arches Phil used the trompe l’oeil method of creating 3 dimensional spaces on a 2 dimensional wall. With the simple use of angles and repetition of shapes. Arches appear to overlap and sit behind each other. Combined with large wording using a deep 3D shadow the student study zone really stands out.

We like to be as precise as possible when it comes to colour. Using the RAL system we matched the design to mixable colours. This ensures the client gets the nearest possible match to each colour.

Application and Completion

Next came the bit we enjoy the most. Using traditional techniques with only brushes, Phil drew out all the elements by hand. Giving the paint a strong finish with crisp outlines and depth of colour. A rich colour palette with vibrant and pastel shades meant the shades bounce of each other. Colours in a similar range can create tonal contrast. Seeming to vibrate against one another. With the finer details added and all colours having several coats the project was complete.

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