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Graffiti Letter Styles

17th June 2023
Graffiti lettering styles are an essential aspect of graffiti art. These styles often involve unique and intricate designs. With various elements such as curves, arrows, and exaggerated proportions. Here are…

Famous Female Street Artists

1st June 2023
With the graffiti scene moving so fast, its important to recognise the trail blazers that elevated this art form. Lady Pink Lady Pink, born as Sandra Fabara in 1964, is…

Spray Cap Innovation

29th April 2023
The humble spray cap has come a long way since its invention. Thanks to innovation and alterations graffiti artists are now making the cap their own The invention of the…

Melbourne Street Art

8th April 2023
Melbourne is known for its vibrant street art scene, with many of its laneways and public spaces featuring colourful and intricate graffiti. Some popular locations to see Melbourne street art…

Eduardo Kobra

2nd February 2023
623-feet long, more than 493 gallons of paint and about 3,500 cans of spray paint, and over 2 months to complete. Eduardo Kobra created this one off piece for the…

Stencil Art

6th January 2023
Blek le Rat - Pioneer of Street Art Blek le Rat (Xavier Prou) is a French graffiti artist from Paris. He has inspired generations of graffiti artists throughout the world. Considered…

Origins of Graffiti

2nd December 2022
In late 1972, Phase 2 first used an early version of the "bubble letter", a style of writing which would become extremely influential. Lonny Wood, better known as Phase 2, passed…

5Pointz Graffiti Pay-out

21st February 2020
5Pointz graffiti Artists awarded $6.7m. After developers destroyed the work After it was knocked down, a court in New York has granted a $6.7m (£5.2m) pay-out to twenty four artists.…

Banksy’s Valentine’s Day Artwork

14th February 2020
Banksy confirms Bristol Valentine's Day artwork is his. Artwork that has appeared on the side of a house in Bristol has been confirmed as the work of street artist Banksy.…
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