Street Artists show their support for Ukraine 

Posted: 4th April 2022

Artists from all across the globe have been showing their support and standing in solidarity with Ukraine through murals and other public artworks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24th 2022. Most pieces feature Ukraine’s national colours and images of the country’s president along with images depicting the bravery and strength of the Ukrainian people.

JenksArt painted 2 pieces to show support to Ukraine in Llanelli and Port Talbot, Wales. The first shows two hands painted in blue and yellow creating a heart shape with the words ‘Pray For Ukraine’, representing the love and thoughts being sent to Ukraine and the second again shows a hand-painted in blue and yellow making a fist, representing strength, alongside an image of a dove, representing peace.

Mural of a girl wearing a Beanie with the Ukrainian flag colours - In London by artist WOSKerski, in London
Artist: WOSKerski, Location: London

This piece painted by WOSKerski depicts a portrait of a Ukrainian girl wearing a beanie hat in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The brave expression on the girl’s face is a tribute the strength of the people living in Ukraine during this new war.  

Artist: Bambi

A woman gazes at a piece that depicts Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in London on March 24. The painting shows President Zelensky pulling open the front of his shirt – a nod to the famous image of comic book hero, Superman – revealing ‘PEACE’ on his chest with the words ‘Super Zelensky’ below. This piece celebrates the Ukrainian President for his bravery and his actions to help and support the people of his country.

Artist: Unknown

A small sign on a lamppost in New York’s Lower East Side shows a painting of President Zelensky with the words ‘I NEED AMMO! NOT A RIDE’. This piece brings attention to Zelenky’s refusal of offers to leave the country and instead choosing to stay and fight the war. The sign provokes the fact that Ukraine requires military assistance in terms of ammo and weapons.

Artist: Unknown

“Free Ukraine,” is on display outside Abbey Road Studios in London. The words ‘Free Ukraine’ have been used by millions around the world in art and the media. Coloured in blue and yellow to show the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Artist: Eme Freethinker

This mural painted by local street artist Eme Freethinker in Berlin depicts 2 young children, 1 Russian, 1 Ukrainian, happily embracing each other next to the large text ‘STOP WAR’. The piece is a reminder of the generations of innocent people of Ukraine and Russia who live happily and peacefully alongside each other without the divide that war brings.

Artist: Justus Becker

A large mural in Frankfurt shows the image of a dove holding a branch in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The dove, a symbol of peace, represents the hope for peace for Ukraine and an end to the war.

Artist: Unknown

A painting outside an art school in Mumbai shows the crying face of a Ukrainian in the forefront with explosions and depictions of war planes and parachuting soldiers in the background. The painting depicts the crisis between Russia and Ukraine and appeared on February 24th, the day the Russian invasion began. It’s an upsetting image showing the fear and sadness being felt by the people of Ukraine.


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