Fresh Creative Co. is a traditional screen printing studio based in Swansea. Specialising in small run hand printed and heat transfer apparel and goods, our primary aim is to provide first class print quality and a quick turn around on your desired products at an affordable price. We provide both clothing and tote bag printing for businesses, events, fashion brands, artists, bands, charities, clubs and teams, venues and just about anyone else that you can think of.

Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a high quality and durable method for printing anything from T-shirts and hoodies to tote bags and aprons. Each item is manually printed making it a labour intensive process as each colour of the print requires a separate screen printing screen/plate.

For prints made up of more than one colour, each colour is hand printed as a separate layer and then spot dried before adding the next colour, thus building up the final image one colour at a time. This is done using a specialist screen printing carousel which ensures that the application of each additional colour lines up perfectly so that the final product is completely seamless. Lastly the garments are then heat cured to lock the design into place and provide maximum durability and colour longevity on every design.

What is screen printing good for?

Because of the manual nature of screen printing, it is the perfect way to produce small to medium sized print runs and is capable of producing anything from 10- 1000+ printed garments. It is the best possible way to re-produce a design onto multiple items.

Get in contact!

For more information on our print services, please fill out the contact form by clicking here. Any additional information included in the Message section of this form would speed up the process and help us to provide you with a more accurate quote.

Here are some examples of additional information you will need to include:

• Size Of Print (A5/A4/A3 or other)
• Quantity
• Deadlines you may have
• Type(s) of clothing required and colours (t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves or other)
• Ink colours

You can also check our FAQ for more information at the bottom of this page.

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Highest Of Quality

When it comes to quality, manual printing will always win out over mass print production techniques. For this reason we pride ourselves on hand producing all of our print work to the highest quality.

Helping Your Company Grow

Whether you’re printing shirts for your staff, event crews, bands or simply as an outlet for your own personal artistic projects we’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your ventures. We are constantly looking for new ways to collaborate, experiment and provide a platform for both artists and businesses to grow and expand.

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Quick Turnaround

We understand that when you decide to get garments printed, you don’t want to wait what can feel like an eternity to receive them. For this reason we’re dedicated to giving our customers the fastest turnaround time that we can.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Is the kind of technique mostly used today, didn’t come until much later. It was invented by a corporation called SATO during the late 1940s in the US. The first thermal-transfer label printer was first produced in 1981.

Due to its versatility, transfer printing can be the right answer to many different types of jobs. And as with everything in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Great for Personalisation

Due to its quick process and setup, this technique is perfect for personalising the same garment numerous times with different designs. For example, the kits of sports teams. These need the same type of T-shirt printed several times but with different numbers and name for each of the players.

Great for Bold Choices

We’re not exaggerating when we say that transfer paper comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There is pretty much an endless amount of options when it comes to effects and colours. Worth noting are fluorescent tones which are hard or impossible to achieve with other printing techniques. Also, transfer paper comes with effects such as flock and glitter, among others.


It is also a good choice when the design is simple but the units are not enough to justify the setup costs of screen printing. Generally speaking, transfers are cheaper than DTG in most cases.

Price Points

• Prices include t-shirt, and are priced based on the popular Gildan Heavy t-shirt.
• Upgrade to premium quality Gildan Ultra for an extra 50p.
• Remove the stock labels and have your own logo printed for £1 extra per tee.
• Free or Low postage charge.
• Free set-up and free postage in the UK.

HPT is better for small print runs (1-20), and we can print unique graphics from just £10 per t-shirt.


1 colour prints: x 20 from £120
1 colour prints: x 30 from £140
1 colour prints: x 50 from £200

2 colour prints: x 20 from £140
2 colour prints: x 30 from £170
2 colour prints: x 50 from £250

Please get in touch for price points on our hoodies and crewnecks.

Frequently Asked Print Questions

What clothing brands do you use?

Here at Fresh Creative Co we print on Gildan or fruit of the loom brand apparel as a standard unless otherwise requested, in which case we are more than happy to print on any brand of your choosing.

Do you only print t-shirts?

We mainly screen print onto t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, zip hoodies, tote bags, HiVis & aprons.

Most printable flat items are considered. We are always happy to hear your requests for new ways to screen print items. Limited art prints, stickers, printed cardboard & ECO packaging are all considered.

Is there a minimum quantity?

The minimum quantity for screen printed items with 1-2 print colours is 10 pieces, meaning we offer lower quantities for screen printed garments compared to others. For items with 3-6 print colours the minimum quantity is 20 pieces. The minimum quantity will always be the most expensive option. As you print higher quantities the price per print will decrease.

What are the garments printed with?

We screen print your T-shirts & clothing using the finest British, Italian & American Eco friendly Plastisol ink, this is because when dry, is a rubber like surface which is totally fade, wash and waterproof. For art prints & cardboard packaging Eco friendly waterbased ink is used.

How many colours can I have in my design?

Each colour takes a new screen, We can print up to to 6 colours, each additional colour involves a new screen set up and possible ink cost.

What brand of garments do you print on?

We will normally use Gildan as a starting point, which are a good all round, and popular t-shirt blank. We are able to source a wide range of garments from basic, budget friendly options all the way to the more premium & Organic / Sustainable options.

You can also specify any particular brand you would like your garments printed on. Please get in touch if you would like any more information.

What colour t-shirts and clothing do you have?

T-shirt and garment colours vary massively from manufacturer to manufacturer. We are able to order in a wide range of colours and patterned fabric styles based on your order specifications.

What size t-shirts and clothing can you print on?

We can print onto children’s t-shirts, to ladies styles and sizes, to men’s 6XL.

Can I mix garment colours and sizes in my order?

Yes, you can have a mix of colours and sizes. As long as the print colour and position stays the same.

How long is your turn around?

We try to complete every order within 7-10 working days. For added services such as custom re-branding, size labelling and packaging, this can add to the lead time depending on the quantity of the order.

If you have a specific deadline please get in touch and we can make sure it is possible to meet.

How much is delivery?

This is calculated in the quoting process, as each order will vary.

We ship using DHL, iPostParcels or Parcel2Go couriers.

We also will allow you to pick your order up from our Swansea studio – just let us know in your enquiry.

What format should I provide my artwork in?

Large format, vector files are the best. We prefer .Ai, .EPS and .PDF, .PS if the artwork is not flattened and separated into layers. If you’re submitting Adobe Illustrator files please expand any text and make sure it is down-saved for Adobe CS5 versions.

We also accept high quality JPEG, or if the artwork is not Vector, 300dpi minimum. An auto-trace service can be provided for free for lower quality images, but this may slightly alter the artwork.

We are able to offer a full vectorization and separation service of your artwork. This converts your artwork into a useable vector format.

Vector formats are able to be scaled smaller & larger while remaining the same resolution, making it best suited to creating high quality screen prints. Pricing for artwork vectorization and separation is dependant on the complexity of the artwork.

How do I get my print service booked in?

Simple! Give us a message (by clicking here) and we can talk through what you’d like to have done, then we will come up with some ideas and agree on a price. A deposit will then be taken upfront which will be determined by the full price and we will get you booked in!

For any other questions please feel free to message us and we will be with you as soon as possible! We look forward to hearing from you!

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