Tidy Towns at Victoria Park

Posted: 14th April 2014

Over the Easter holidays, Swansea Council asked us to run a workshop with a group of people from the Uplands area.

Fresh was tasked with renovating the huge back wall in the skatepark. The whole team did a great job getting this completed. As part of the Tidy Towns initiative, our team worked with a group of local young people.

As you can see from the gallery below, the original site needed some attention. Creating a more dynamic piece that was in fitting with the skatepark.

Victoria Park is located towards the seafront next to the iconic Brangwyn Hall. Well used in the summer months and has a lot of visitors. This particular wall has been the site of several Fresh Creative projects in the past. Including this striking Speed Racer Mural

Design and process

At the start we ran a design workshop to generate ideas. Our crew helped to turn these elements into a piece of graffiti.

Next, our team marked out the basic elements to help the group complete the piece. Everyone pitched in and made the most of the day. All members had a chance to get involved. Part of the project is going through the basics with the group. Including can control and application processes.

The group was ready and filled in the larger areas of the mural. Putting their new skills to practice. With our crew using their decades of skill to add in crisp outlines. At the end of the day the mural looked sharp. The tidy towns initiative gave these young people a much needed outlet for creativity.

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