Tidy Beans

Posted: 1st July 2022


Tidy Beans commissioned us to hand paint their logo over a geometric graffiti background to the interior of their salon in Swansea Marina. Using professional signwriters enamel and brushes, we hand painted the design directly onto the wall of the salon. 


After spray painting a geometric graffiti background directly onto the wall, we marked up the design to hand paint the logo. With lots of long, straight lines and letters, we took great care in making sure each line was completely level and central to the wall. 

Each letter, line and dot was carefully painted ensuring everything lined up and stayed in proportion. The tools we used were a crucial part in this, using high quality paints, brushes and a mahl stick to ensure there were no smudges or blemishes. 

Final Piece 

Professional finish to match the aesthetic of the salon 

After finishing touches, the sign is complete. The bold white lines stand out against the dark design of the wall making it an eye-catching piece! This classic back-and-white design is always a classy look and always makes a space look professional. We at Fresh Creative believe a hand-painted sign has a special touch that a printed piece doesn’t quite compare to. Get in touch via the contact sheet on our website with any questions about your own business or personal sign, mural or more. Don’t forget to like and follow Fresh Creative on social media to keep up to date with past, present and future projects! Find our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts on our home page.

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