Three Corner Field

Posted: 21st January 2023
This nature themed mural was created by Ffion, one of our most skilled artists. Who lovingly painted this wall for the local residents

Three corner field orchard is a community project, where the local residents are transforming the piece of land. To compliment this process they asked Fresh to paint mural that would enhance the surrounding walls using nature as the key theme.

Working with a range of materials, Ffion sprayed on bright shades of teal and blue for the background colours. Adding in bursts of colour with masonry paint, and adding depth and detail to the piece by hand. Her process is always methodical and thoughtful. Bringing each animal to life.

The hand painted animals and flowers in particular require a closer look on this nature themed mural. If you have time to go and have a look you will be amazed.

The piece represents the 4 seasons as it wraps around the wall. From the bright spring colours, through to the deep rich colours of a winter forest.

The rich and vibrant colours flow throughout the background with the finer details highlighting each season. But using just as bold colours in the smaller elements that contrast nicely against them. The whole piece takes you on a journey.

This whole piece works from a glance as well as up close. As several foxes have been seen in the area, this particular detail of the mural really makes it come to life. We look forward to seeing how the group transforms the space.

Although it took several sessions to complete the piece it is a real triumph and helps to highlight the area. Did you know we also work with community groups on council led schemes. Making sure the community is part of the process.

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