The Decorating Company

Posted: 23rd June 2018

Fresh Creative Co. had the pleasure of giving The Decorating Company’s van a new look over the summer. Combining a range of our skills, such as vinyl lettering and painting, we were able to produce a vibrant and eye catching design on their white van.

Keep reading on to find out our process…

The Process

Firstly, we needed to create a vector of The Decorating Company’s logo. After creating this, we then used our in-house vinyl printer and printed their logo onto a sheet of self adhesive vinyl. Once that had been printed, it was time to start cutting.

After completing the cutting process, we headed to our workshop and started the vehicle wrapping. This is a delicate process and precision is vital; the last thing anybody wants is a crooked sign.

Once the vehicle wrapping was complete, we continued with the splattered paint effect around the bumper of the van. Using a wide range of bright colours and masking tape, we created a rainbow splatter across the side and back of the van whilst ensuring that no paint ended up in areas that were not a part of the original design.

Finished Pieces

We were extremely pleased with the finished product and enjoyed amalgamating two of our finest services into one project. If you are interested in getting your vehicle wrapped and/or painted, please get in touch with us by clicking here.

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