Tatami Fightwear

Posted: 18th November 2013


Fresh Creative Co were commissioned by Tatami fightwear to paint three large logos in their new fight gym in Baglan, Port Talbot.

For this job we were asked to paint three logos, one for Tatami fightwear, and another for combat athletics, at either end of the room that was to become their new gym space.


They were still in the process of converting the room when we arrived, meaning that the walls we had to paint were still bare concrete blocks, which as you may know, can really suck in the paint. Our first job on site was to make these walls white. Luckily for us, the whole place was in the process of being painted, so we had access to an industrial paint sprayer which was on already on site. A huge thanks to the decorator there for allowing us to use this as it really made the process a lot easier. Using this we thinned down some white emulsion to make it thin enough to go through the machine, and then taped off any areas that we didn’t want to get paint, which was mainly the adjoining walls which had been painted grey. This part of the project turned out to be a much larger job that we expected as the walls were incredibly porous which meant that they took a lot of coats to get a good even finish on them. In the end it took us the best part of a whole day just to make the walls white before we could even begin painting the logos. 

Once we had the walls a solid white we left them to dry overnight before coming back the next day to paint the logos. To achieve this we used a projector to map the logos onto the wall, and then used a combination of masking tape, straight edges, and spray paint to paint the logos themselves. Once they were in place we removed all the tape and cut back any bits of leaking or overspray with the white emulsion and a brush, at the same time touching up any parts that needed it with spray paint to make sure that our lines were crisp and sharp. 

Our final job once we’d checked the quality on everything was to pack everything away and to triple check that the paint spraying machine  we had borrowed had been cleaned out properly to ensure that there were no blockages for the next time it was used.


Painting a logo always has a different feel to painting a more scenic or abstract mural as having the logo in place already means that there is no room for creativity or deviation from the plan. A logo painting must always be as accurate as possible to the actual logo in colour and proportion, thus producing its own set of challenges to be met. we were really pleased with how the logos came out on this project and they were a lot of fun to paint on the scale we reproduced them.To find out more about Tatami fightwear their website can be found below.


To find out more about Tatami fightwear click here for their website.

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