Matt’s Cafe

Posted: 15th August 2022


The team at Matt’s Café came to us with the encouraging, kind quotes they wanted painted at the café. Keeping the design relatively simple to help the words stand out, we opted for a colourful geometric background to catch the eyes of customers and visitors. 

We prepared the surface, for a guaranteed hard wearing piece, with primer and paint ready for the shapes and text to be painted.


A combination of spray paint and enamel paints 

The larger, geometric shapes in the background were done using spray paints. Using ‘happy’ colours that complimented each other for a design that is easy on the eye and not too busy. We used professional sign writing enamel paints to paint the text, taking care to ensure all lines were pristine and there were no blemishes. Even with the folds and lines of the shutters, the letters read perfectly with no distortion.

Designed with the addition of drop shadows to the shapes and text gives the piece more depth and a 3D feel. 

Final Piece 

Eye-catching colours and shapes help these pieces stand out in a busy environment 

These words of kindness and encouragement are perfect for the interior of Matt’s Café. We believe it’s pieces like these that complete any business or personal space. The colours and kind quotes fit right in at the café helping the space feel more inviting. Matt’s Cafe is part of the Real Junk Food (TRJF) Project, a network of national and international cafes (both permanent and pop-ups) with one central objective: to intercept food waste destined for landfill and use it to feed people who need it, on a pay as you feel basis.

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