Little Valley Bakery

Posted: 11th August 2022


Pounce pattern

We started by transferring the design onto both the interior and exterior walls using a traditional pounce pattern technique, which involves using a pounce wheel and powder. Once we had the design fitted and lined up, it was time to move onto hand panting the letters. 

Pounce patterns are a common technique used by artists for centuries. 


Hand-painted using sign writer’s enamel paints 

Using sign-writer’s enamel paints and exterior emulsion, we took care in making sure all lines were clean and crisp for the best, professional finish. Hand painting ensures we have complete control over the lines and each letter is immaculate. 

The finished piece 

Though minimalist, these pieces still catch the eye of passers-by with the contrast of light and dark. 

The pristine finish adds a professional look to the business which draws the customers in.

 This simple, clean design is perfect for Little Valley Bakery, letting the cakes, breads and pastries speak for themselves!

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