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Posted: 1st April 2018

Fresh Creative Co. was commissioned by Jamie Hill Beauty, the award winning hair stylists and beauticians, to paint an indoor flower mural and  paint some hand lettering of a Coco Chanel quote in their beauty salon.

The quote was taken from Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel,  a French fashion designer and businesswoman. She was the founder and namesake of the Chanel brand.  A prolific fashion creator, Chanel extended her influence beyond couture clothing, realising her design aesthetic in jewellery, handbags, and fragrance. Her signature scent, Chanel No. 5, has become an iconic product.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Channel

This led to more work helping redesign their logo and repainting their exterior sign and chalkboard.

We are focused on providing the best point of purchase signs and displays at an affordable price so businesses across the country can promote and highlight their products and services and attract customers.

The brief for this project was to complement the colour scheme that already existed in the shop and to bring out the violets and purples of the lavender colours already present.

We went through a few design choices for the wall mural and it was decided that a rose would match the logo and, along with the water colour style droplets in the background, this would also compliment the colour choices.


We started with creating a pounce pattern for the quote which was done using traditional techniques.

Pouncing is an art technique used for transferring an image from one surface to another. It is similar to tracing, and is useful for creating copies of a sketch outline to produce finished works.

Once the quote was marked up  We prepared the area by masking taping off any areas to avoid over spray from the spray paint. We then filled any holes and sanded that back before proceeding to mark up and paint the rose mural using spray-paint.

The outside sign was very weathered and had not been painted with the correct paints in the first instance. We stripped the sign back and after a good sanding and application of primer we used one shot sign painting enamels .

One Shot paints are hard wearing enamel paints with a high gloss finish designed for sign writing, pin-striping and many other uses. These include the One Shot Lettering Enamels which have been the benchmark in lettering, striping and auto graphic enamels since 1948. The Lettering and Striping Enamels are accompanied by a full dedicated product line including primers, reducers, additives and clears.

We also identified the chalkboard in use was in much need of some care and attention. For the chalkboard layout we used Photoshop to help layout the content and once we were happy we marked up and filled in the design using paint pen markers.


So if you are down the marina you can see our artwork in person or if you’re looking for a simple cut and dry, or want a specific style, Jamie and his team of expert hair stylists and hairdressers are always on hand to discuss and offer you professional advice on your desired look.

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