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Posted: 23rd March 2018

After previously working for Jamaican Jill’s, we were re-approached by them to paint a new mural in their new Uplands location. They wanted a brighter theme in their new home and decided to go with an uplifting beach theme.

Fresh Creative Co. was commissioned by Jamaican Jills Swansea,

A new restaurant and cafe which fuses Welsh and Jamaican cuisine, they serve authentic Jamaican food, exotic cocktails and have the best reggae music!

We were asked to paint a tropical beach mural in their new restaurant in Uplands Swansea. Having already completed some successful projects with Bernie from Jamaican Jills we were only too happy to paint a mural in their new premises.

Jamaica’s climate is tropical, supporting diverse ecosystems with a wealth of plants and animals, with this in mind we painted a relaxing daytime tropical theme mural including palm trees and exotic birds.

Jamaica is the indigenous home of two species of hummingbirds, the black-billed and red-billed streamertails. The red-billed streamertail, known locally as the,’doctor bird’, is Jamaica’s National Symbol.

The original plan was to paint the mural around a model of a galleon, but due to the weight of the model it was decided this was better mounted on a shelf which would compliment the mural more than be a part of the mural.

Galleons were large, multi-decked sailing ships used as armed cargo carriers, primarily by European states from the 16th to 18th centuries during the age of sail and were the principal fleet units drafted for use as warships until the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the mid-1600s. Galleons generally carried three or more masts with a lateen fore-and-aft rig on the rear masts, were carvel built with a prominent squared off raised stern, and used square-rigged sail plans on their fore-mast and main-mast

The model of the galleon on the wall is a tip of the hat to the Welsh pirate Sir Henry Morgan.

Sir Henry Morgan  was a Welsh privateer, landowner and, later, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. From his base in Port Royal, Jamaica, he raided settlements and shipping on the Spanish Main, becoming wealthy as he did so. With the prize money from the raids he purchased three large sugar plantations on the island.

It’s not just the food which reflects the fusion of cultures. The decor is very much floral and rustic, rather than in-your-face bright, colours


We started doing some research looking at tropical photographs for reference, we then created a custom design based on different elements that were desired for the mural.

Jamaica is known for having a variety of terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems with dry and wet limestone forests, rainforest, riparian woodland, wetlands, caves, rivers, seagrass beds and coral reefs. We wanted to include different elements to reflect these features.

We prepared the area by masking taping off any areas to avoid over spray from the spray paint, we then filled any holes and sanded that back. We then proceeded to mark up and paint the tropical beach mural using spray-paint.


If you are looking for a tasty treat locally then the new Jamaican bar in the Uplands is a great choice.

Jamaican Jills: Food Fusion is at 55 Walter Road, Uplands, Swansea SA1 5QE

“We wanted to combine a look that is on-trend with the Jamaican ambiance. We have a painting of a beach on the wall, which people would associate with Jamaica. But it’s also a colonial boutique.”  said owner Mark Davies.

Jamaican Jills is your place to gather with your friends and enjoy some of the best drinks around. See you after work! Available all day every day except between 7-10pm Friday through Sunday on some cocktails. Our smoking cocktails are ALWAYS two for one!

The music is laid-back Jamaican, and outside there’s a patio area for al fresco dining, complete with a flame-effect patio heater.

(At the end of the picture carousel, you can check out our work from their first location).

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