Jack Murphys

Posted: 28th September 2019
Fresh Creative Co. were commissioned to paint a host of murals and hand painted signs in the new Jack Murphy’s bar in Uplands, Swansea.

This was a huge project and incorporated a lot of highly skilled work from our team, including the Celtic type and Celtic knot on corrugated metal.


We began our Jack Murphys journey when we met the interior designer Andrew Shipley from Tribe Creators , who had a lot of ideas for what the inside of the bar would look like. We took those ideas and worked on them ourselves until we had a plan of exactly what was going to be painted and where it was all going to go. Once in place we set about dividing and conquering the project. This was one of the very rare times when we had the whole Fresh Murals Co team painting on site at one time so organisation was key to ensure that everyone knew what they were doing.

The first jobs we tackled on site were the portrait of Dylan Thomas alongside a Guinness logo and a quote upstairs, as well as beginning the small quotes downstairs that would go on all the roof beams, and a large Tom Jones quote from the track Delilah “I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more” which was to adorn a large corrugated wall inside the main entrance. These quotes were all hand lettered with a brush using one shot sign writing enamel, as was the Guinness logo upstairs, whereas the Dylan portrait was done freehand using spray paint.

Next on the agenda was a Jack Murphys skull in the downstairs bar area which again was painted with spray paint. That left us with the portrait of the dog, which was painted with brushes, as were all of the band logos. The bands were all either Welsh or Irish and were chosen to fit the overall Celtic them of the bar, as well as its geographical positioning.

For the external signage we made a pounce pattern in our workshop of the design which we then used to transfer the outline of the design onto the store front. This was then painted in using sign writing enamels. Finally we returned to our roots in graffiti to attack the toilets. The brief here was to fill the space with graffiti style tags giving it a classic pub toilet look but with a little bit more colour.

Finished Pieces

We were really very pleased with how these murals came together to create an overall theme that starts outside with the sign and continues to run right through the bar, with plenty of small pieces tucked away just waiting to be discovered. You can find Jack Murphys by clicking here, so be sure to pop in, check it all out and enjoy a drink or two.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the process behind the creation of this mural.

For any further information regarding this project or for general inquiries, please get in touch contact with us by clicking here.

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