Posted: 25th November 2018

Fresh Creative Co. was commissioned by Itaipava to work alongside Vinewood Studios to create a short video to be used in their upcoming advertising campaign.

 The concept was that “in a short amount of time you can create quickly – like Masterchef”. Together we were to create two separate short videos, the first of which you’ll see in this post, and the second in another post still to come.

Itaipava  was founded in 1993, and is a well-regarded beer brand in Brazil. After acquisition by Grupo Petrópolis, the brand has invested heavily in sponsoring automotive events held within Brazil. We went through a few design choices for the wall murals and it was decided that a  logo and a photorealistic painted image of the premium bottle would be the best options to clearly display the product. This post will focus on just the logo video. Make sure to follow us so that you don’t miss out on the bottle video which will be released in a future post


The videos were designed  over a 6 week period and shot in just 3 days.

The first few days were spent on research and creating design options for our backdrop. We had several different options before the final design was chosen. For the design process itself we then used a range of industry standard software tools to aid in both the design and production, beginning by taking initial hand drawn sketches which we then constructed into vectors in Adobe Illustrator for a cleaner image. These final images were what we then used to aid us in painting the individual murals for the final video projects.

For both the videos we used spray-paint and exterior masonry emulsion to create both the painted logo and the bottle. The pieces were painted on a wall outside the Fresh Murals Co workshop which is based in Humphrey Lane Studios in Swansea. We ran some tests before filming to make sure framing and capture would be up to the standard we required. Once our part of the project had been completed, Vinewood Studios took care of the video production side of things, including all the editing and post production that left us with the final product.


We’ve worked with Vinewood Studios of quite a few video projects now and once again they were a joy to work alongside. We hope you enjoy the first of the two videos we produced below. The second video will be released in a future post, so make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel, and various social media feeds to make sure that you don’t miss the second part of this project when it’s released.

The more technically minded of you can also find a more comprehensive technical breakdown of the timelines that were used to help create the videos below.

The finished videos can be broken down into these timelines.

We see an artist about to paint a wall.

The artist quickly starts to create the ItaiPava Premium logo

There is a transition from the art to the bottle of beer.

The transition completes we see bar food and the bottle of beer. The food disappears quickly and a hand grabs the bottle – where the video starts again

The artists paints in the Itiapava  logo

We then see the artist magically paint in a bottle of Itaipava Premium on to the bar top – which appears as the real product which we will use.

The artist slides away and we are left with our scene and the ITAIPAVA logo.

We are Savouring the moment (time) “saboreando o momento” or inviting the audience to enjoy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the process behind the creation of this video.

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