Posted: 18th June 2018

Idols asked us to provide their nightclub with a fresh look that matched their aesthetic, so the Fresh team produced this mural at the back of their club.

Fresh Creative Co. were commissioned by Idols nightclub in Swansea, to paint a large mural along the dance area.

Idols is Swansea’s number one party venue. they have two rooms of music, an amazing super booth experience and really friendly staff who work hard to ensure that your night out is one to remember. Situated on Wind street, which boasts the highest concentration of listed buildings in Swansea, Idols sits amongst a bustling nightlife area with a large selection of cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants.


The main thing Idols wanted for this project was for the mural to fit in with the venue and the atmosphere. With Idols being a party venue where people come to have fun, dance and drink, the design needed to be something that fitted with that aesthetic. We decided to represent the name of the venue ‘Idols’ in a graffiti style with a large piece that would form the central focus of the wall. Traditionally, part of the culture of the graffiti style is to disguise the letters a little bit with added connectors, arrows and extra bits (referred to as ‘wildstyle’). In this case however, it was important that the name be easily read and so we stripped the letters back to a more basic graffiti form to ensure that they remained easily readable. To accompany this we took the idea of Idols being a music venue and chose to compliment the piece with a large record deck to one side and a bank of speakers in the background behind the piece.

Idols also wanted to include the words ‘Dance Party’ and so we added these above the record deck in a casual sign writing style for maximum legibility. To tie it all together we added a cosmic style background behind everything and some pieces breaking off the tops of the speakers to help give the wall some added movement.

We prepared the area by masking taping off any areas to avoid over spray from the spray paint, we then filled any holes and sanded that back. We then proceeded to emulsion the background to give us a clean base to work from, before marking up and painting the mural using spray-paint.

Whilst we chose to paint the speakers that surround the Idols letters in a stylised graffiti style to compliment the letters, we felt that the record deck, being a main feature of the wall, would be better represented in a more photorealistic style. This style of painting always demands a little extra care compared to the simpler forms in the graffiti style, and so we made sure to give ourselves a little extra time to get this part of the wall looking correct.


If you’re looking for a fun night out in Swansea then Idols is a great place to go. In 2015 Swansea won the purple flag award for being the safest night time experience in the UK and Northern Ireland, meaning that a trip to Idols is always a great and safe experience.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the process behind the creation of this mural.

For any further information regarding this project or general enquiries, please get in touch with James  [email protected]

Idols asked us to provide their nightclub with a fresh look that matched their aesthetic, so the Fresh team produced this mural at the back of their club.

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