Fresh Creative Electrical Boxes

Posted: 30th June 2022

Fresh Creative has spent years painting dull, worn-down electrical boxes all over Swansea with new, bright and vibrant art.

Commissioned primarily by local councillors of different areas of Swansea and surrounding areas, these boxes are always a massive hit with locals. 

Designs vary depending on surroundings and commissions by councillors but they’re always a hit. Designs can pay homage to local landmarks, destinations or popular causes. Some include nearby beaches, local heritage and well-known names like Dylan Thomas and the NHS.

A lot of preparation goes into reviving these boxes. Painted by hand using a combination of spray and enamel paints the artwork lasts for years. The artist’s who paint these boxes are regularly approached by the public who express their love for the pieces they’re creating. We take pride in the reactions we get from these pieces. 

To keep up to date with past, present and future projects, follow us on our social media pages. You can find our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on our home page. Or get in touch via the contact sheet with any questions about your own commission with us. 

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