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Posted: 24th February 2019

A couple of weeks ago Fresh Creative Co. were commissioned to paint a feature wall behind the counter in CBD Clean Body Difference, the new CBD shop in Pontarddulais.

The brief for this was to paint a stylised portrait of Denzel Washington and also to include the shop’s logo into the design.


The process for this job began at the computer with the design phase of the project. We scoured the internet for images of Denzel, and narrowed our options down to a few choices, which we then worked on until we’d whittled it down to our final choice. We then set this image on a plain background and offset the logo to the side. We originally planned for the logo to be in the bottom corner of the wall, but once we were on site and had seen the layout of the space, it became apparent that it would be better placed higher up on the wall in order to be clearly visible and not be blocked behind the counter.

Once our design was in place and we’d finalised our colour palette, we headed to the workshop and sorted out the paint we’d need for the job, along with our standard fare of dust sheets, brushes, paint markers, spirit levels and masking tape that comes with us to every job. We loaded all this up along with our projector and tripod and made our way to the site.

The first job on arrival at any project is to prepare the space, laying down the dust sheets and masking off any areas around our working space that we didn’t want to get paint on. We then set about marking up our working sketch lines on the wall. For this job we actually used two different methods for marking up, as the positioning of the counter meant that we were only able to use the projector to help us mark up the top half of the portrait.

For the bottom half we fell back on our old friend the grid method, marking up a square grid on the wall and another on a picture of the portrait. These could then be used together to help us scale up the image by eye by referencing where the image fell in relation to these grid lines. Once we had the image marked up we filled in the portrait with spray paint, using brushes and paint markers for some of the finer details.

Lastly we cut a stencil for the logo and used spray paint to paint it onto the wall, cutting back any overspray from the stencil with a brush afterwards.


This was a really fun project to do and we were definitely happy with how the finished project came out. The shop looked like it was shaping up to be really nice when we were there so make sure to pay them a visit if you’re nearby, you can find them at 57 St Teilo Street in Pontarddulais.

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