Birchgrove Special Needs Centre

Posted: 15th May 2018

Fresh Creative Co. were commissioned by Birchgrove Special Needs Centre Swansea, to paint a mural on their patio area outside the centre.

The City and County of Swansea’s Social Services Learning Disability Services provides a range of day and community services to adults with a learning disability.

The brief was to paint a pond and garden area using bright and vibrant colours.

Services that the centre provide offer support and opportunities to improve and maintain well being, health, social inclusion, independence and personal responsibility, providing activities and opportunities with local communities.

The aim of these services is to support individuals to increase their level of independence and engage in the community as both valued members and to enhance their life experience.

These services offer a range of life and educational experiences that assist in supporting individuals to gain more independence in their lives. Being based in local communities, they also aim to promote each individual as a valued and active member of the community.


We started with research looking at ponds and aerial photography for reference, we then created a custom design based on different elements that were desired for the mural.

We were asked to keep the mural quite simple so we decided a carton-like style would work best.

The  Birchgrove Special Needs Centre Swansea garden was taking progress after a lot of hard work with new astro turf grass, paths and the new planters were looking great.

The patio area mural  was one of the last things to be finished in the garden, we knew that a 3m x 3m pergola was going to be situated on the patio area so we created an island with a stream running through with which the pergola would sit on once erected.

Before we started painting the mural we prepared the area with lots of sweeping and weed removal, we then primed the floor ready for the application of the colours.

We prepared the area by masking taping off any areas to avoid over spray from the spray paint, we then filled any holes and sanded that back. We then proceeded to mark up and paint the tropical beach mural using spray-paint.

We marked the design onto the floor and then filled in the relevant sections adding more detail as we went.


The team at the Birchgrove Special Needs Centre Swansea were very accommodating, a big thank you to them for their hospitality and their good work in the community.

The Garden was looking really good with the completed mural and a welcome addition of colour to what was otherwise a very grey and dull area.

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