Bay Fitness Gym Mural

Posted: 10th February 2023
With years of experience using different materials and processes, we were able to transform several areas of Bay Fitness with a new mural and signage

There are various processes we offer for creating a sign/ mural. Sometimes using stencil film is a more cost affective and precise option. This was one of methods we used to apply the Bay Fitness logo to the internal gym mural and exterior shutter.

As you can see from the images below it gives a crisp finish, with high contrast designs and helps to keep branding on point.

For the rest of the internal walls and more fluid shapes, our team member Robin used his skills to paint them freehand.

Giving a contrast between the two elements. As a result rich blues stand out give energy to the space. With all projects we are able to get paint mixed to specific colour values so all aspects are on point. And using a premium brand of spray paint all the colours remain strong.

The last elements of the job were a little trickier as we transferred the designs onto the external shutters. As you can see from the images, the logo needed to be applied into all the gaps and folds of the shutter.

Making sure it still had a clean finish. At the end of the job clear lacquer was applied. This helps to protect the work from the elements.

But this is not the only gym mural we have created. Over the last few years we have given many spaces a face lift. Take a look below, and follow us on instagram

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