Adelinas ceiling murals

Posted: 5th April 2024
Certain projects can test both technical and physical abilities. Adelinas ceiling murals did just that with realistic clouds and foliage

Arriving at the venue, the ceiling panels were stark and white. This was going to be a big task which started with the designs. Tying the cherry blossoms that fill the ceiling with colours and tones that compliment them. Adelinas ceiling murals would test every technique to achieve the realistic finish on each section.

The background

Starting with shades of blue Phil used soft tones to create distant clouds and sky. With a mixture of brush, roller and sponge work, to add in clouds. Getting the soft edges and blends that would give depth and contrast against the cherry blossoms. Handmixing several shades of pink and blue with added colour from spray paint to add delicate blends.

The blossoms

One of the trickiest things about the murals was creating a way to blend the existing blossoms into the panels on the sides. Using the illusion of depth as individual flowers would take too long. Applying a strong deep base colour several shades of lighter spray paint were layered with a soft cap. From dark at the top to mid tones at the bottom.

The next part took some ingenuity. Matching bright pink tones of the blossoms to resemble individual blossoms. Using a foam roller with several handmixed shades of pink. Applying each roller to build layers.

Lastly came the finer details. This started with two tones of brown paint pens, drawing branches through the sides and onto the underside of the panels. Next he added individual blossoms with a stencil adding the darker centre with a sponge. These are the details that really make the piece stand out. With more depth and contrast.

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