99pop X NicheBrasil

Posted: 31st March 2016
Fresh Creative Co. was commissioned by Voude99 and Niche Brasil in partnership with Vinewood Studios to create a short stop motion video.

The brief was to work with 99Pop to create a video which drew attention to their services

99 Pop is a Brazilian mobility startup founded in 2012. The company connects more than 300 thousand drivers to 14 million passengers in more than 400 cities in Brazil. The mission of 99 Pop is to make urban mobility cheaper, faster and safer. For that, it already has about one thousand employees throughout the country. They provide support for passengers and drivers with humanized care, development of new features, corporate partnerships, solutions to improve traffic and user protection.

The company believes that cities can be more vivid, pleasant and safe.

Using this information as a starting point we decided to use a city scape for the background with an animated car to highlight the services that 99Pop provide.

For the design we used geometric shapes to create a simplified section of city.

This was then used for a backdrop with which we cut a life size car silhouette out of wood to create a time-lapse video of the car being animated over the backdrop.

The background design was quite contemporary with geometric shapes but with the retro colour scheme giving an interesting perspective.

The narrative being that someone in the city has hailed the 99 Pop car and it arrives to take them to their destination.


The video was designed and shot over a 4 week period.

We used a range of industry standard software tools to aid in the design and production, this ranged from taking initial hand drawn sketches that were then constructed in Adobe Illustrator.

The first few days were spent on research and creating design options for our backdrop. We had several different options before the final design was chosen. The intended use of a backdrop meant that the design had to be fairly simple to hero the car in front. With this in mind we chose a pastel colour scheme with bold shapes to represent the buidlings with a pattern of shapes.

For the mural backdrop we used spray-paint and exterior masonry emulsion to create these bold shapes and colours.

We painted the wall at Humphrey Lane Studios in Swansea using a graffiti style to paint the mural.

We then had to run some tests to make sure framing and capture would be on point and then the filming and production and finally the editing and post production.

For the car feature we wanted to bring in a more 3d element to this flat world we had created in the backdrop and having the wood cut out of the car adds another dimension to the scene with the different elements interacting.

We also believed this would be more interesting for the audience having mixed mediums and the aspect of an illusion.


The finished video can be broken down into this timeline.

We see an artist about to paint a wall.

Abstarct art is being created but we don’t know what it is yet.

It’s starting to represent a colourfull Pop art style street in Brasil.

The artist paints the 99pop logo and a silouetted car made out of wood arrives on scene.

The artist magically disappears as the car passes, he’s on the ride.

We see the 99Pop Street Art.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the process behind the creation of this video.

For any further information regarding this project or general enquiries, please get in touch with James at Fresh Creative Co.

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