HAZARD 0NE at World Trade Centre Tower

Posted: 21st July 2019
Bristol based artist Harriet Wood, aka Hazard 0NE, was recently commissioned by the World Trade Centre to paint one of her trademark pieces on their 79th floor.

New York is considered by many as ‘the mecca’ of graffiti. It is where many of the roots of graffiti started. Hazard was honoured to be given the opportunity to paint her signature street art in such a prestigious location. The World Trade Centre mural elevated her work in more than one sense.

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The finished piece. CREDIT: Hazard0ne
Golden hour through the windows on the 79th floor. CREDIT: Hazard0ne

Hazard explained that she “wants to be the very best painter that I can be, especially when I’m in New York.”

“The scene here is incredible; it always has been. From the taggers and the train bombers, it’s just ultimately inspiring.”

Work in progress. CREDIT: Hazard0ne

Hazard is renowned for painting a lot of female characters and she wanted to bring what she does to this space. So the figure head of the piece is a female face, so you can see that it is at the centre of everything she does.

“Women are underrepresented in the world. I wanted to bring something strong and empowering.”

“I wanted it to be a realistic representation of New York.”

Final touches. CREDIT: Hazard0ne

To find out more about Hazard’s project in 3 World Trade Center,

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