Concept to Creation: The Creative Process
5th April 2024
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a Fresh Creative masterpiece? From painting the streets of Swansea, to the walls of your favourite local businesses –… Read More
The History of Graffiti Art
25th March 2024
From ancient civilisations to modern urban landscapes, the history of graffiti art is a fascinating journey of creativity, evolving from ancient inscriptions to a global urban art form that continues… Read More
Who invented the spray can?
16th October 2023
With so many brands to choose from, did you ever wonder who came up with the original? Its easy to take the humle spray can for granted. It seems so… Read More
What is a Doodle Grid?
1st August 2023
The Doodle Grid, Lazy Grid or Squiggle Grid are methods of upscaling murals and street art. Without having to draw straight lines. Street artists often get asked the same question.… Read More
Graffiti Letter Styles
17th June 2023
Graffiti lettering styles are an essential aspect of graffiti art. These styles often involve unique and intricate designs. With various elements such as curves, arrows, and exaggerated proportions. Here are… Read More
Famous Female Street Artists
1st June 2023
With the graffiti scene moving so fast, its important to recognise the trail blazers that elevated this art form. Lady Pink Lady Pink, born as Sandra Fabara in 1964, is… Read More
Spray Cap Innovation
29th April 2023
The humble spray cap has come a long way since its invention. Thanks to innovation and alterations graffiti artists are now making the cap their own The invention of the… Read More
Melbourne Street Art
8th April 2023
Melbourne is known for its vibrant street art scene, with many of its laneways and public spaces featuring colourful and intricate graffiti. Some popular locations to see Melbourne street art… Read More
Wall Dogs & the art of Signwriting
1st March 2023
In the early 1930's there were specialist sign painters who scaled buildings to create unique advertisements by hand. Using just brushes and a keen eye. Where did it all begin?… Read More
Eduardo Kobra
2nd February 2023
623-feet long, more than 493 gallons of paint and about 3,500 cans of spray paint, and over 2 months to complete. Eduardo Kobra created this one off piece for the… Read More
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